Updated Business Cards

Castro Business Services asked me to update their business card. Their business handles Income Taxes, Real Estate, and Notary services, so I created a few variations of their card.

The Original

The Original Castro Business Card DesignThe original has an older design seen in the framing lines. This reflects well on the business because it considers the industry and years in practice (more than 30 years).  When looking for businesses in this vertical, experience and age offer a significant advantage. We want someone we can trust to handle our financials, and when finding someone new without a referral, trust is best displayed through experience.

Updated Business Cards Design

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Why there are no secret tips for instant SEO success

What is SEO?

SEO is a giant open signSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is developing internet visibility through organic search. To make it simpler, the goal of SEO is to have your website found on first page search results. When handling SEO, people believe there is a secret technique that will make their webpage instantly found, but there is no such secret. SEO takes research and time to see success.

The Problem with SEO Expectations

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Designing the FPL Website

FPL and Associates, Inc. is a Civil Traffic design firm that has operated out of Orange County, CA for 25 years. Last year, they purchased a website, and it looked something like this.
The Previous FPL Website

I do like the very simple appeal of their original site. In an instant, you can tell that they’re a small business, which is a boon and a bane depending on the vertical (market/industry) that the business is in. Some people like knowing that the people they’re working with a local and small business because they don’t want to work with big business.

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Why We Shouldn’t Support IE8 Anymore

If you’re wondering why my Creative Cube Company website looks strange, it’s probably because you’re using Internet Explorer 8, the bane of any web developer.

Now, I like Microsoft. All my computers have run Windows, and I recently updated my phone from an Android to a Microsoft Windows Phone 8. Like all companies, they make some spectacular products, and then there’re areas where they pitfall. What Microsoft does to the internet with Internet Explorer is a pitfall that goes straight into the center of the earth. Not only are they slower at updating to the newest in W3 standards (the people who dictate what the internet should be), but they don’t offer continuous support of their products after the “shelf life” is expired. In particular, Internet Explorer 8 is a browser past it’s shelf-life and should be discontinued.

w3counter2Internet Explorer 8 still has 8.76% of the marketshare according to W3 Counter even though Microsoft doesn’t update it to follow new standards and protocols. This is a great stat because it was slated to have 28-33% of the marketshare in 2011. It was released in 2006 and was used by many for 5 years before Internet Explorer 9 was released in 2011. If your computer runs Windows XP, you most likely still use IE8 because IE9 is only for the newer operating systems.

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