SEO and Copywriting

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important piece of your web-presence, but as I said previously, there are no secret tips. Instead, SEO is something that should be built into your website from the start.

Building SEO From the Beginning

SEO Design Grid

When you begin writing the copy for your website, you’ll need to already think about SEO. SEO really isn’t something you think about after you finish your website, although it’s doable. A few good questions to think of are:

  • What is my product / service / mission (naming as concept for the rest of the blog)?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What keywords would they use to find me?

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Heart Help to Rwanda

Healing Hearts Northwest Surgery
Spokane’s Cardiology Team Performing Heart Surgery

If you liked the short documentary Open Heart about a team of Cardiologists helping 8 Rwandan children receive heart surgery, then you may be interested in this letter from Healing Hearts Northwest sent to press including the Associative Press, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times.

It tells of another Rwanda cardiology story, one of four international teams who visit Rwanda every year and operate on patients suffering from Rheumatic Heart Disease by performing surgery as well as creating a self-sufficient Rwandan cardiology team.

These teams come from Spokane; WA, Boston, MA; Belgium, and Australia who perform surgery on children and parents, saving families each year. They don’t make the families leave Rwanda to go to Sudan for their surgery. They keep them within their own country, their own home, and they’re helping to train and educate the Rwandan staff.

This isn’t a single 50 min. documentary, but a lifelong struggle.

How you can help?

Besides donating time and effort, all you have to do is spread this story. There’s more Rwandan Cardiology than what was presented in Open Heart.

You can read the full letter below. Contact Healing Hearts Northwest.

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Your Online Business Card with Vizify

Vizify Logo YellowWhat is Vizify?

Vizify is a new social media hub funded by venture capitalist Tim Draper. Draper is well-known for investing in new media start-ups including Skype.

Vizify connects to your major social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Foursquare). It then populates your Vizify page with highlights and information from your other accounts including career, location, and photos.

A Tech-Savvy Business Identity

My Vizify

When looking at Vizify, I don’t see it as anything other than an online-business card. With the ability to customize each page by changing out photos and information, you can present yourself as a tech-savvy business person.

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Logo Creation Process for Estrada & Associates

Recently, I had the pleasure of designing a logo for Estrada & Associates. The company focuses on tenant rep and owner rep in Commercial Real Estate. When asked to create a logo, I had a few ideas in my sleeve.

When I handle logo design, I do 3 review stages. Each review has 3 variations, so the client can see different choices and elements and decide what works best for them.

First Review

The first review has the most unique and different logos. It helps the client to see different styles and decide which version best suits them. During this stage, my first color choice was red because it’s a powerful color used in many financial and corporate enterprises.

estradalogo1My first version focused on a 3-dimensional commercial building created using the E and A in the company name. The gaps between the letters created doors and windows on the building. The 3-dimensional shape in combination with the black and red shows a multi-faceted business. They do both tenant and owner rep. I added perspective lines to help balance the logo and connect into the name.

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