Simple Logo Design

As discussed in a previous article, it’s important to keep design simple. When looking at a logo, a logo needs to tell your company’s culture and meaning in a clear and simple manner.

How to Make a Simple Logo

Simple logos have reduced elements. This means that there are fewer colors, fewer variations in text, and fewer variations in shape.

If we were to take a look at FedEx’s logo, we can see that it’s fairly minimal. There’s the basic text “FedEx” in two colors, which alternate depending on the department of FedEX. Express is with orange, green is for ground, etc.

Simple, clean, and negative space

One of the biggest elements about FedEX is the use of negative space. In between the “E” and “x” is an arrow. Even if you weren’t cognizant in noticing it, the idea of movement gets planted in your head.

The Meaning of a Logo

If we were to continue to look at FedEx, we can tell that they are clean and simple. They only alternate between two colors, one choice of text, and when used in other locations, there’s plenty of space around them.

The cleanliness of the design creates a professional atmosphere. When you work with FedEX, they aren’t messy, and I have yet to come across a messy FedEX store. The arrow tells sub-or-otherwise-consciously that they move.

Font Choice

It’s very important to pick a font that matches your company’s description and industry. A daycare may not want to use a fun sans-serif font as opposed to a serif font.

Game of Thrones Logo
Not a good text for a Daycare unless it’s Game of Thrones themed, which would make me question that daycare.

Using a serif font may make it too formal and too serious; whereas, daycares are supposed to be light and fun.

Do I Need an Icon?

When looking at famous logos, we see many that have icons – something they can use without the text. Pepsi has their red white and blue circle, Apple has their now silver apple, Chanel has the linked C’s, Facebook is a blue block with an “f” in it, etc. They can use these icons without having any text next to it, and we recognize the brand because of mass circulation.

Icons are not necessary, however. FedEx’s logo is their icon. Google is similar as well as Lego.

If you do plan on using an icon, keep most of the design elements within the icon and use a single style font face for your text.

Apple’s silver apple is metallic with some beveling. Their text however is a simple modified Myriad Pro. Pepsi’s logo is the same style: icon with multiple design elements and a single font.

What an Icon Can Mean

The design into each icon is astounding, however. The synethetic silver of Apple’s logo makes it feel futurisitic in something we can understand. It calls both upon Newton’s Apple changing and revolutionizing physics and Adam and Eve who bit into the Apple for knowledge.

Pepsi’s logo houses the American flag colors because of it’s national support in World War II. According to the designers, the circle also means Feng-Shui, the theory of relativity, and more. That may be too much to represent in a logo, but Pepsi has always wanted to be the all-encompassing and modern soda.

Simple Logo Design

If you look back on the logos you remember through the years, think about how they present themselves. You will find that they aren’t overburdened with design elements and are memorable because of their simplicity.