Royal Rehearsal Logo Update & Business Cards

In the last two months, I have had the pleasure of working with Royal Rehearsal, a Los Angeles based company that rents rehearsal space.

Logo Redesign

Royal Rehearsal had a pretty cool logo to begin with, so when working with them, it was about maintaining the spirit of the original design while adding a modern aesthetic.

I still used the same font and the same icon (guitar with the crown). Instead of having the text somewhat revolve around the icon, I moved the text to be to its side, making it easier to read while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Same R Same R Icon

Two Locations on a Single Business Card

The major concern with designing the business card was that my clients wanted one business card with both their names, their numbers, and both locations.

My solution was to create a two-sided business card that had one name, number, and location on a each side.

In sticking with the dark and cool colors, I decided to use a lavender to highlight specific information such as the phone number, title, locations, and some icons.

noel royal rehearsalmax royal rehearsal

If you’re ever in need of rehearsal space, don’t hesitate to e-mail Royal Rehearsal.

Rotary Flyer and Scholarschip Certificates

Having become a rotary member in the past year. I had the pleasure of creating this year’s Spokane Valley Rotary Installation Banquet Program.

Spokane Valley Rotary Installation Banquet Program Cover

Not only was I able to participate in the fun banquet and other service events, but the Spokane Valley Rotary also awarded six $1000 scholarship certificates (dedicated to Cindra Shields) to students in Spokane Valley. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to make an impact on the community.

Rotary Scholarship Certificate
Name blurred out

Updated Business Cards

Castro Business Services asked me to update their business card. Their business handles Income Taxes, Real Estate, and Notary services, so I created a few variations of their card.

The Original

The Original Castro Business Card DesignThe original has an older design seen in the framing lines. This reflects well on the business because it considers the industry and years in practice (more than 30 years).  When looking for businesses in this vertical, experience and age offer a significant advantage. We want someone we can trust to handle our financials, and when finding someone new without a referral, trust is best displayed through experience.

Updated Business Cards Design

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