Joining Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI)

Earlier this month, I joined Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI), Spokane’s joint Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council. They service not only Spokane and Spokane County but also stretch out to Tri-Cities and Coeur D’Alene (Idaho). I even met a business radio talkshow host from Anchorage, Alaska who recently purchased radio time on a local station (more on Dave Weatherholt later).


Greater Spokane Incorporated is a great way for businesses of all sizes to connect with other businesses in the local area. Had I not joined GSI, I would not have connected with that many additional businesses with this higher level of trust. There are events every month that allow business owners and managers to connect with others and create a stronger business center for the city. Joining a local chamber of commerce also provides the benefits of :

  • 509% of consumers think that being active in the local chamber of commerce is an effective business strategy
  • 29% more effective in communicating to consumers that a company uses good business practices
  • 26% more effective for communicating that a business is reputable
  • 12% more likely for a consumer to think a business highly-involved in the local chamber of commerce has better products
  • 40% more likely for consumers to eat at a restaurant who is a member of the chamber of commerce
  • 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from a small business if it’s a member of the chamber of commerce

I am proud to be a member of GSI and will be attending more events soon.

PDF for the information above can be found here – data by the Schapiro Group for Market St.