Updated Business Cards

Castro Business Services asked me to update their business card. Their business handles Income Taxes, Real Estate, and Notary services, so I created a few variations of their card.

The Original

The Original Castro Business Card DesignThe original has an older design seen in the framing lines. This reflects well on the business because it considers the industry and years in practice (more than 30 years).  When looking for businesses in this vertical, experience and age offer a significant advantage. We want someone we can trust to handle our financials, and when finding someone new without a referral, trust is best displayed through experience.

Updated Business Cards Design

When updating their business card, I needed to reflect that concept of trust and experience. Additionally, they wanted the business card to be one-sided, to have additional information, and to have color.

I created a few variants, but the following two were what the client enjoyed. They did not have the original logo, so I recreated it and added color into it. Additionally, I made a flat version per request.

When choosing color, it’s important to know the psychological meanings and connotations attached to it. The color I chose to represent Castro Business Services is a variant of red. Red is a color well established with financial organizations and strong businesses. The red has a splash of burgundy to show that the business has aged like wine.

Keeping the Same

Slightly Updated Castro Business Card

The first version was based on the original design. In order to add in the client’s name and additional information, some lines of text needed to be merged to allow for spacing and balancing. The color comes in the logo and the punctuation. I changed the non-serif font to serif except for the address. This change reflects that it is an older business. Also, the additional information takes up extra space, so font-switching is messy. It’s clean and it maintains the original design with a few updates including the single-line logo.

The first version keeps in line with the original brand, and brand recognition is very important. It tells customers that you’re not changing your services because it’s very easy to believe that a change in design is a new direction for the business.

A Modern Vision With the Original Spirit

Modern Take on Castro Business Card

In the second version, I chose a more modern approach, but I wanted it to maintain the spirit of trust and experience.  I chose only a serif font give the connotation that it is the business card of an older and experienced businessman. I added a large red square to the corner to give a splash of color, which lines with the business name. This gives prominence to the business name by having it balanced with a counter-weight; whereas, the rest of the card does not have that balance.

One of the nice touches of design is to use empty space (also known as negative space) to balance out the design. The asymmetry of the card adds prominence to the text on the right side especially the bolded “Ralph L Castro, RTRP.” The design is a revamp of the original card. It keeps the spirit and brings a modern edge to it, displaying that the business keeps up with modern times.

The client chose the modern design and is happy to use them.




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