Why there are no secret tips for instant SEO success

What is SEO?

SEO is a giant open signSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is developing internet visibility through organic search. To make it simpler, the goal of SEO is to have your website found on first page search results. When handling SEO, people believe there is a secret technique that will make their webpage instantly found, but there is no such secret. SEO takes research and time to see success.

The Problem with SEO Expectations

SEO is a new field that only took off in the last 7 years, and because of that, the general knowledge of SEO is uninformed. Some people know how to do it, some people know how it used to be done, some people know what it is, and most have no clue on what SEO is. Because of this varied knowledge base for SEO, people don’t know what to expect. From my experience, most people expect it’s a one-time project and because of that, you’ll be set. Let me be as frank as possible, it’s not.

SEO and Keywords

SEO requires research into keywords, and many people use the keyword tool from Google Adwords. It shows the research and analysis of how often people search the words. It also has the benefit of showing how much the clicks could cost (CPC) if you were looking into SEM (Search Engine Marketing). After doing research, you have to incorporate the keywords into your webpage. If you find a SEO provider who suggests putting the keywords into into metatags, stay away. That’s an antiquated practice, and it’s now considered black hat SEO (aka bad practices that will lower your search ranking).

I remember a few years back when I worked for a large web-marketing firm, and they brought in a special SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) guest speaker who told us to put keywords into the background area of the website, and choose the same color as the background. This makes the keywords invisible to the user, but the search engine crawlers/robots/spiders that decide on ranking will still see them. Well, that’s black hat SEO because it’s no longer about content. It’s a cheat, and search engines don’t approve of cheaters.

What to Do with Keywords?

Keywords should be incorporated into your content, which leads us to…

The Only Secret of SEO

SEO ranking is organic. That means it’s about your content and whether or not the internet (robots and humans) likes it. It takes time and effort for your website to get to the first page.

This means that your content is the most important thing. You will call out keywords via header tags and links, your title tag, and description tag, but many of your keywords will be written into the normal content. It’s all about the quality of your content, and whether it’s relevant to your website.

There are other factors too including links, which I will discuss in the future. Even then, that’s still about the quality of the links rather than the quantity aka link farms (black hat SEO).

Do It Yourself SEO (DIYSEO)

Internet Traffic is GoodSEO can be done by yourself. The biggest hurdle for SEO is that it requires someone who has the knowledge and the time for upkeep. If your website doesn’t change or it loses traffic, then your website no longer is relevant and begins to fall from the first page. That’s the reason why people hire for SEO. It takes time and effort.

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